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Tae Kwon Do

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Hatton Boxing


Fitness Boot Camp

An early morning tough and energetic full body circuit workout running 3 times per week where you will be pushed to your limits to help you achieve your fitness goals.  Sessions are a. mixture of cardio, conditioning training, kettlebells and boxing drills to kick start your day.

Metafit training is a 30 minute workout combining strength training and high intensity intervals that needs no equipment and very little space.  The aim of a metafit session is to work to your maximum in short bursts with no pacing, which ultimately burns body fat and boosts metabolism. When you feel the burn you know you will see results.

Hatton Boxing is a boxing for fitness class designed to assist weight loss, muscle tone, increased fitness and all the fun of training like a boxer but without the contact.

Our Tae Kwon Do Classes are run by triple gold medalist at the 2015 ITF World Championships, Mr Nik Purves (6th Degree).  Classes run from ages 4 upwards and are split across Rainbow, Junior & Adult age group.  In addition to the regular weekly classes we are also home to Friday Fight Club and monthly competition training, which helps to develop students for local, national and international competition.

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The Rider Martial Arts Cross Training System (RMA-XTS) has been developed by Chief Instructor, Stuart Rider and it is his personal interpretation of the various martial arts, & self defence methods that he has trained in and studied over the years.  Focusing on self defence, classes include striking, kicking, take downs, ground fighting, weapons and more.  Classes are for age 15yrs +